Want to Boost Your Metabolism? Here are a Few Ways you Can

Boost Your Metabolism

When we are younger, some individuals may enjoy the benefits of being able to eat as much as they want without gaining excess weight. Why is that? Part of it has to do with that person’s metabolism; the better it is, the easier it is for foods to be digested and excess calories to be burned throughout the day.  As we get older, however, that  metabolism may begin to diminish. Luckily, regardless of age, there are many scientifically proven ways to boost one’s metabolism and in turn burn fat efficiently.

Get Enough Omega-3

Proper omega-3 intake can adequately regulate sugar levels and boost metabolism by making your body more responsive to the hormone leptin, which has been shown to help the body burn fat efficiently.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Sometimes your metabolism needs to be jumpstarted. Eating a light, but nutrient rich breakfast early in the morning can help prepare your metabolism for a long day ahead. Eating breakfast can also help your digestive system be ready for heavier meals throughout the day.

Eat Organic Foods

Organic foods, with their heightened levels of antioxidants, help remove toxins in your body that interfere with metabolism. Consuming non-organic foods, on the other hand, can promote toxin buildup, thereby slowing down your metabolic rate.

Reduce Stress and Get Enough Sleep

Having a restful night can help restart sluggish bodily processes– metabolism included. However, if you are stressed out, your body may have higher levels of cortisol, which interfere with a good night’s rest. Doing meditation or other relaxing practices can help you sleep better and get an overall better lifestyle, thereby giving a boost to your metabolism.

Exercise Regularly

Research has shown that exercising for 30 minutes every day can greatly improve your metabolism as well as other bodily functions such as digestion and immune system response.

Eat Light Meals

Skipping meals can offset your body’s natural rhythm. Sticking to a schedule and eating at specific times can help your body become used to keeping your metabolism active. However, when scheduling meals, it is better to schedule more light meals, rather than scheduling only one or two heavy meals.

Drink Enough Water

We all know of the standard “drink 8 glasses of water every day.” Though the exact number is still up for debate, drinking water does help metabolism stay active.

Drink Tea

Tea has a good amount of caffeine, while being low in sugar, to stimulate your brain to activate your metabolism. Never over-do caffeine as this can elevate stress hormones, thereby decrease metabolism.

Drink Milk

Calcium deficiency has been shown to decrease metabolism. Therefore, drinking a glass of low-fat milk can actually help reduce fat absorption.

Incorporate Enough Iron

Oxygen is especially needed for your metabolism to stay active. Having enough iron in your body helps efficiently transport oxygen in the body to where it is needed most.

Anything Else?

Needless to say, pursuing an overall healthy lifestyle (which means eating correctly, sleeping, and exercising) is a sure fire way to help your metabolism along.

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