Cool as a Cucumber…

Cool as a Cucumber…..


This  time of year when the temperatures soars everyone is eating something raw!

The beauty of raw is it’s simplicity and variety. The thought of a hot grill is totally unappealing and of course not healthy. Keeping hydrated is key to healthy cells and bones. We know we should eat for energy but maybe you just can’t face another salad.  Then juice your salad and have it poolside!

This refreshing drink contains: cucumber, celery, baby bok choy, romaine, carrot, dandelion, cilantro, mint with a squeeze of lime!

I can  drink this so much easier than trying to  eat  and chew thoroughly all the above ingredients.

Check out the past post on proteins and feel relaxed that you are more than covered in that area.

Doesn’t it look delicious?

I kept sipping while I was photographing it.  You can combine what ever you like in your green juice as most greens get along wonderfully.  Carrot, beets  or a green apple will sweeten so go light with these as this will spike your blood sugar. The sour of the lime helps balance the bitter of the dandelion. Don’t be afraid to put  lots of kale (save the stems from making kale chips) or spinach or fresh parsley. Go sparingly on the herbs at first and have one main flavor to work around.  Be flexible with whatever the garden or forest gives you! I discovered the white rind of the watermelon is also very healthy juiced! Taste as you go if you want to decide how much of each item to put in.

Juicing verses smoothies

Juicing removes the pulp but leaves everything else behind. So your digestion gets a rest and dose not need to break down any fiber to get to the pure whole nutrients. If you use a single or twin auger juicer (the Huron slow juicer linked to this site is what I use) it presses the cells and leaves the walls in tact whereas a blender and some juicers breaks open the cell walls and allows oxidation and the vitamins quickly (within 15 minutes) get oxidized and lose the potency. I like to use my NJ600 (probably the best blender under 100 $) for fruit veggie lunch smoothies/soups that I will consume right away and have my juice in the morning after exercise and sip slowly allowing my system to “break-fast”.

Veggies in the morning really soar you into amazing zest for the rest of the day. But ANY time is great for green juice except during a full meal as no liquids should be consumed to allow the digestive juices to be undiluted.

Let your body gradually get use to pure green energy and start out with 3 ingredients and work up to what gives you both pleasure and energy!  The basic rule is that greens gently cleanse and fruits cleanse more quickly and with more calories.  So use that knowledge to get gently daily cleansing and without toxins we get a smooth lean running machine that has energy to play:)

Find out more about nutrition benefits of eating cucumbers.

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